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Heavy-duty Half-Cut Pneumatic Knifeholder

Heavy-duty Half-Cut Pneumatic Knifeholder



MT-A310H is your ideal half-cut knife-holder choice for heavy material. Thanks to its robust design, it guarantees a steady slitting downforce than MT-A310 knife-holder in heavier and thicker material range of its versatility. With its depth adjustment of 14mm stroke and precision blade roundness of up to +/-0.005mm, it adapts to slit only the upper layer cut off/non-cut through at lower layer and also reduces blade wear out for life-time extending. The MT-A310H is ideally suited to a wide range of heavier material applications like medical adhesive tapes, foam tapes, and protection film.

MT-A310H half cut pneumatic knife holder


MT-A310H half cut pneumatic knife holder


MT-A310H half cut pneumatic knife holder


MT-A310H half cut pneumatic knife holder


MT-A310H half cut pneumatic knife holder

Model                      MT-A310H-BSK30                                                              

                             MT-A310H half cut pneumatic knife holder                 ;                         

Min. slit width          30mm              

Max. slit speed         100M/min(1)                                     ;                       

Down-stroke             0~14mm              

Air Pressure              3~6/kg/cm²              

Blade O.D.                  Ø76.2mm                                                                   

Guide-bar                   GB02/GB04/GB05

Feature                       Rigidity knife holder            

                       ;                  Precision depth adjustment

                                         Half-cut effective

                                         Equipped high precision blade(+/-0.005mm) 

                                         Blade lifetime extended

Suitable                      Various Papers >>>     kraft paper, silicone paper, releasing  paper, decoration

                                                                                         wallpaper, masking paper, adhesive paper, thick paper

                           ;                                                              board, corrugated carton paper, sandpaper.

                                          Various Plastic films >>>     flexible laminated films, soft & rigid PVC films, BOPP,

                                                                                                      PET, PE, PS, LDPE, PLA, SBS, various adhesive tape.

                                         Cloth & fabrics >>>     ;non-woven cloth, synthetic leather, natural cotton, mesh

                                                                                         cloth, medical cloth, label cloth...etc.

                                                   Foams >>>     PSP foams,PE foams..etc 


(1) The maximum slitting speed is according to the actual materials, thickness and slitting results.

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Precise Fine-Tuning
With the classic body construction: one body forming design, our half-cut knife holder MT-A310H can reach the narrow slitting requirement. The minimum slitting width 30mm with good performance.

Everything is 
under control
Arbitrarily adjust the down stroke range of MT-A310H collaborate with the precisely grinding hard roller by the depth adjustment bolt,. Get the great performance of the non-cut through result: only cut off the upper layer, but the remain the lower layer intact.

MT-A310H equipped the precise blade (the blade roundness is up to 5μm). The non-cut through effect can be well controlled by the down adjustment, also reduce the wear out of the blade and extending the lifetime.

Double Strengthen
MT-A310H the enhanced model has 18.8mm the thicker body, not only increase durability but also increase the slitting downforce by 
2.2 times of MT-A310, fulfill the requirement of the power output with the narrow width interspace.

Versatile & Functional
Effectively reduce the application space with the handy dimension, having the stable performance and flexibly been used under the non-cut through slitting situation, especially suitable for the multi-layer composite like paper or plastic film.