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Easy Clamp Pneumatic Knifeholder

Easy Clamp Pneumatic Knifeholder



MT-B110 Easy clamp-type knife-holder has a quick locking mechanism design for time-saving in its class. With its easy clamp, it tools free for locking knife-holder on guide-bar only via clamp handle and also can prevent over-tightening screw to damage knife-holder. Optionally teeth ruler with our guide-bar which makes arrange position easily and boost your productivity. MT-B110 is engineered for easy operation and time-saving, it allows adapt many slitting applications like light rubber, paper, cloth, plastic film... etc..


MT-B110 Easy Clamp Type Pneumatic Score Knife holder


MT-B110 Easy Clamp Type Pneumatic Score Knife holder




Model                        MT-B110-BSK30                                                              

                             MT-B110 easy clamp type pneumatic knife holder                                          

Min. slit width          12mm              

Max. slit speed         100M/min(1)                                                            

Down-stroke             0~15mm              

Air Pressure              3~6/kg/cm²            ;  

Blade O.D.                  Ø76.2mm                                                                   

Guide-bar                  GB01/GB02/GB04

Feature                       Unibody knife-holder


                                         Easy clamp locking method

Suitable                      Various Papers >>>      kraft paper, silicone paper, releasing  paper, decoration

                                                                                           wallpaper, masking paper, adhesive paper, thick paper

                                                                                           board, corrugated carton paper, sandpaper.

                                  ;       Various Plastic films >>>      flexible laminated films, soft & rigid PVC films, BOPP,

                                                                                                      PET, PE, PS, LDPE, PLA, SBS, various adhesive tape.

                             ;            Cloth & fabrics >>>      non-woven cloth, synthetic leather, natural cotton, mesh

                                                                                          cloth, medical cloth, label cloth...etc.

                                                   Foams >>>      PSP foams,PE foams..etc 


(1) The maximum slitting speed is according to the actual materials, thickness and slitting results.

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